Friday, January 20, 2012


I've been getting into shoes lately.

This past year, I've bought 7 pairs of shoes, with only one pair that can be dubbed sneakers.

Why? Tastes change as you grow older, and shoes stop being solely (ha, solely) functional but an expression of your personality.

I'm no longer in college, and I can't just wear the same [adidas/puma/nike/reebok] white sneakers everywhere.

The thing with shoes here in comparison to the shoes in America are that it's much more European; it's widely accepted to wear pointy shoes, whereas in America it's frowned upon. In America you'll most likely see round toed shoes or square toed shoes...and for dressier chaps, cap toed/classic Oxford shoes.

*Note: If you wear monk strap shoes, go back to Ireland you leprechaun.
*Note 2: Do not buy shoes from Aldo.

Here are five basic guidelines I follow for wearing shoes. Guidelines, not they can be twisted to your personal style.

1. If you're wearing a belt, the shoes and belt colours need to match, or at least complement. Period. No black/brown combos.
2. Shoes should complement your pants/shorts/jeans, not match them. The only exception is if you're wearing a suit or tuxedo. (Some people say shoes should be darker than your pants...whatever)
3. Never wear white socks unless you're playing sports.
4. Socks should match/complement your pants.
5. If you're not wearing a belt or your belt really doesn't match/complement your shoes, your tie should match/complement your shoes. If you're not wearing a tie and not matching/complement, GTFO.

Clark's Desert Boots

Great all around shoe that can be worn with a t-shirt, sweater, polo, or button up shirt. Best paired with jeans, but shorts if you can pull it off. Kind of wish I got camel ones instead of black ones as it's more versatile. Made out of suede and a crepe rubber sole.

Brando Cap Toe Oxfords

This is my first pair of Italian shoes, and they're made with genuine calfskin leather. Shoes made of this material need to be broken in (they still do after 4 months,) and breaking shoes in is a BITCH. It's like walking in clogs until the leather softens up. I sympathise with women who buy leather shoes. The upkeep on these is kind of crazy, but it should last a lifetime if taken care of properly. Goes great with jeans and trousers that are all shades of gray or blue. Dress shirts a must.

Dior Pointed Dress Shoe

I got these because I liked the lacing, since it's much different that normal. This is mainly worn with trousers and with jeans on some occasions. Dress shirts a must, and made out of leather and a rubber sole.

Urge Vroom (Brogue Suede Shoe)

This is my most recent purchase, and something I've been eyeing a while. Goes great with blue/gray/cream/white jeans and shorts. If wearing with shorts, sockless is the best way to go. Goes with all kinds of tops. Made with suede and faux wood sole.

Maians Fabric Plimsoll

Another great all around shoe that can be worn with anything. Best paired with jeans and shorts of most colours, and very useful on a boat.

Supra Assault Sneakers

I pretty much only wear these with jeans, as I think all black sneakers look a little funny with shorts. Best paired with shirts (crew, scoop, v-neck.) I wear these when I want to feel like a rebel or a skater (which I'm obviously not.)

Urge Randy Shoe (cool name, I know)

My current go-to shoe. It's summertime and I'm not a big fan of thongs (flip flops,) so I wear these as a replacement. They're similar to Tom's but they're way more comfortable. Goes with jeans and shorts of all colours, and with all types of shirts, henley's, polo's.

There you have it.

My current philosophy on shoes.


At January 24, 2012 at 3:33 PM , Blogger Jon said...

what makes the last pair of shoes which look like a really cool pair of toms more comfortable than toms? i am intrigued by this claim...


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