Saturday, August 27, 2011

Well, Shit.


1. A person who believes that they are superior to others (and thus deserve favoured status) because of their intellect, social status, wealth, or other factors. 

I've come to the conclusion that I can probably be labelled an elitist bastard...and I'm not really ashamed of it either.

I see elitism more as a state of mind, rather than due to being wealthy, as there are plenty of wealthy people who are ridiculously trashy. The definition above covers the bases of what an elitist is, though I don't agree with the "deserve favoured status" part. However, I suppose a lot of people can fit this definition; I mean, I know I can be kind of an asshole sometimes and I can be down to earth at other times...but all in all, I'm pretty sure I'm an elitist bastard.

A better definition can be summed by this:

Elitists are characterised by their fancy-pantsed demeanour, appearance, speech, beliefs and actions.

I love how the first picture on Google for "Elitist" is Obama

It's funny because on paper you probably wouldn't be able to peg me as an elitist. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications and have no pressing desire to obtain an advanced degree. I went to Michigan State University, a public university that is known for partying and riots. My career is in Information Technology, a domain that is typically dominated by men and by nerds. I was in a fraternity, where people are known to be brosephs. My parents are immigrants that come from a country background, and I moved to Australia which makes people in America think of the outback or throwing some shrimp on the bar-b. Read this description off to a random person and they would probably envision something like the pictures below.

Stereotypes and generalisations aren't the best indicator to define someone since they paint broad strokes over individuals, but I don't think I really classify with what you would typically envision when you think of a minority that was in a fraternity who works in IT with a bachelor's degree from a public university that lives in Australia. Whew.

I am an elitist and here's why:

1. I frequent cafe's, and I primarily drink flat whites/cappuccino's/latte's. I started off with drinking mochas, but that's not really coffee since it's contaminated with chocolate syrup. I also used to drink drip coffee, but why would you drink watered down crap and do that to yourself?  
2. I prefer coffee over beer...I don't really care for beer.
3. I eat organic and free-range food unless unavoidable. It's better for the environment and it's better for you. If you want to pollute your body with preservatives and processed items/meat, do yourself a favour and stop for your own health's sake. I'm not on the vegetarian or vegan train yet...that's too much.
4. I'm a big foodie and love to eat out at new places and try exotic cuisines...degustations are pretty awesome.
5. I read. A lot. Books, blogs, websites, and magazines ranging from the Economist, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, New York Times, Rolling Stone, GQ, Esquire, The Atlantic, Slate, Wired, Washington Post, Salon, The Register, and so on. CNN, HuffPo, DailyKOS, and FoxNews are total garbage.
6. I mostly read non-fiction.
7. I don't have TV or cable TV, and the shows I do watch are not garbage reality shows.
8. I prefer to watch a film over a movie, and I'd rather watch an independent or foreign film over a big Hollywood production.
9. I'm an independent that leans liberal.
10. I like all types of music, and if you only listen to Top 40 I look down on you.
11. If you make really stupid or ignorant comments repeatedly I immediately lose respect for you and cease to put us on equal footing.
12. I'm a know-it-all...except when I'm not, but I will correct your spelling/grammar/punctuation/facts if given the opportunity.
13. I like raw denim and I like dressing well, ranging from smart casual to GQ. The way you dress is reflective of how you view yourself and is an extension of your personality. If you buy low quality items or wear things that don't fit you well, it means you don't give a fuck about yourself. However, if you really don't give a fuck then more power to you.
14. One of my favourite feelings is feeling smug.
15. I love city life.
16. I am so self aware I am writing this list.

I love how the second picture on Google for "smug" is Obama

Well whoop dee doo, I sound like a giant douchebag typing this list out.

On top of being an elitist bastard, I have this compulsion to always be right...and seriously, it's pretty bad. To further exacerbate this, I like to debate for fun to keep my wits sharp...and so I can be right more often. That isn't to say I won't admit when I'm wrong, I will...but only because it means I can learn from my mistakes, get my facts straight, and make sure I'm right the next time.

I need someone to pummel me on all facets...

What can I say? I should probably delete this...


At August 28, 2011 at 8:19 AM , Blogger tafMen said...

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At August 28, 2011 at 8:23 AM , Blogger bobabeast said...

1. I guess you're not elite enough to comprehend or taste the fine nuances of a manually dripped single origin coffee.
2. You don't drink beer because you have the tolerance of a two-year old.
3. I eat what tastes good.
4. Food is the default #1 Asian American hobby. You know what's #2? Photography. You are not special.
5. Easy to read, single-serving articles. Why not take it a step further and just get your USA Today subscription?
6. I see you don't appreciate literature. Not a man of the arts, are you?
7. No TV, but you stare at an LCD screen at least fourteen hours a day.
8. Instead of enjoying big Hollywood productions, you enjoys big Bollywood productions (amg foreign films!).
9. Like a teenage girl, you put your hopes and dreams in a man who failed to live up to your expectations. Boo hoo!
10. It would be easier for you to look down on people if you grew a few inches taller.
11. What good is the superior man if he is unable to shepherd the masses?
12. It's clear by now you have a flair for the technical, and none for the artistry.
13. describes you roughly as well as
14. Tell me, do your balls hurt from riding your high horse, or are you just used to it?
15. No disagreement.
16. It's pretty wack.

At August 28, 2011 at 2:48 PM , Blogger Howard said...

bravo, well said


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