Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shellfish Part 2

So about my rationale about how I rank my relationships in order of importance...


1. Myself:

I know this comes off as selfish, but who do you spend the most time with in your whole life? Yourself. As corny as it sounds, if you don't know how to love yourself, how can you expect to know how to love other people? People will always drift in and out of your life, but you will remain constant throughout. If you're always seeking validation from others, you will never be happy. Happiness comes from within, and if you're happy and proud of who you are, things will fall into place. Just do you.

So long ago...

2. Family:

Without my family, I would be nothing. I wouldn't be on this planet, I wouldn't have the upbringing my parents sacrificed so much for, and I wouldn't be the person I am today. There's this whole argument between nature vs. nurture, but I'm pretty sure everyone's a product of both. My family is there whenever I need anything; I don't even have to ask. You want to talk irreplaceable, family's that. When I was a punk kid, family was the last thing I cared about...funny how your mentality changes as you age and realize you're turning into your parents. Why don't I put my family first? While I would sacrifice whatever I needed to if my family were in trouble, until then, I still have my own life to live and further down the line a family of my own to start.

*There was an alarming incident a few years ago when the Global Financial Crisis personally hit my family and my dad was laid off...but thankfully he found a job 6 months later. It's definitely a wake up call when you realize you may need to provide for your family at 24 when you could barely provide for yourself. Makes you work that much harder and be less reckless with money.

 3. Friends:

Friends are a blessing. Your true friends will be there for you when the times are good, and when the times are bad. You know you can always count on them, like family. They might even know you better than your family. As you get older and life's responsibilities creep up on you, your true friends will make an effort to stay in touch. Need to talk to someone? Got a friend for that. Want to try out a new restaurant or go on an adventure? Got a friend for that. Friendships can be hard to maintain, so having people that care about you besides your family and sharing simple life experiences with are people you hold on to.

I wish...

4. Girlfriend/Lady Friend

I used to be guilty of this, the whole ditch your friends/family to hang out with the girl you're interested in. Big mistake. When you first meet someone and you seem to hit it off it's a great feeling, there's nothing else quite like it. However, during this time everyone is usually putting their best foot forward to curry favor of the other person. Examples include exaggerating stories or doing things you normally wouldn't think about doing because you want to impress the other person. It's not just me that's done this is it? In any case, you don't really know the person. After the initial sparks die down, people get comfortable and what used to be endearing can become massively annoying and things don't work out. You ditched your family and friends for nothing and look like a douche.

You can always count on your family and friends, but you can't always count on someone you just started dating. Unless they were the right person I suppose. If that were the case, this person would leapfrog to family status if they were my best friend, and leapfrog to #1 if they were my wife. But that's generally something that comes with time...I don't understand how people can get engaged/married when they've been dating less than a year. You don't really know the person, do you? I'm also a firm believer of being happy with yourself before jumping into a relationship instead of seeking happiness in a relationship. That way it's not the sole source of your happiness but one of the many sources of a fulfilling life, and that you're with the person because you want to be. It also prevents you from being a dating whore: someone who just jumps from person to person because they can't stand being alone.

So there you have it...hope it makes sense and I don't come of as a selfish egomaniac...ha..ha...ha..


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