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I was interviewed by a Norwegian film student studying in Melbourne this weekend for an assignment of theirs about someone who's made a big change in their life. Questions ranged from my background, motivation, challenges, future goals, advice for others, and reaction from family and friends. There's a possibility my story will be filmed, which would be pretty cool...but I don't think my story is that exceptional because I think anyone can do it. I hope he gets an A though.

I still can't believe I'm 27. I don't know if I've gotten more introverted recently or it's because I've had so much free time to be introspective (thank you Australian work schedule)...but it's interesting to see how my life has unfolded compared to how I envisioned it when I was starting high school. When I entered high school as a freshman, the seniors seemed so...grown up. They were all talking about applying to college and leaving their hometown. People in college seem like self sufficient adults, and people aged 24 and above were considered really old. When I was 13, I figured that I would be married by 27, 28 at the latest and kids by 30. Yeah I know, sounds like something a girl would say but whatever...

I approve of this message

Now that I've reached 27, those milestones are pretty far from my I still feel like a 18 year old kid on the inside. Though it has been brought to my attention I no longer look like an 18 year old kid because people are able to guess my age with relative ease now =/. I can't imagine what it would be like to have a kid right now. How do you prepare for something like that? Even if you do prepare for it, it's something you have absolutely zero experience in. I feel that when you have a kid and take responsibility for it, that's when you become a full fledged have a life entirely dependent on your shoulders is pretty scary.

Kids are funny topic for me. Babies are cool...though they cry a lot they're a total blank slate. So pure, and so innocent. I love kids junior high aged and up (not in a creepy way, thanks.) They're growing into their own and are such quick learners. I've been a JH counselor at TAF for 3 years and a Program Director for 3. In my free time in DC I was also a big brother for a local mentoring program. However, kids aged 3 to 8 I do not like. At all. Those kids are monsters.

My head is THIS big!!!

The stories of my devilish behavior as a kid in this age range attest to kids in that age range being monsters. They're entirely dominated by their Id, and have no superego whatsoever. Whatever they want or want to do, goes...and they will throw a tantrum if they don't get it (I guess this also applies to some "adults" in a few cases.) The only way to resolve this is to whup their asses or psychologically scar them in some way. I'm not just saying this because I was a punkass when I was a kid, I have experience with kids in this age range being punks...or in my case, rather creepy.

Little monsters are all Id

Two incidents immediately come to mind of the same kid: John.

My sister used to babysit pretty frequently when we were in high school. One of her clients was a family that had two children, Elizabeth and John. Elizabeth was about 10 years old, so she passed the little monster test with flying colors. John on the other hand, was about 7 years old...and he was a little monster. He didn't terrorize people like I terrorized people when I was his age either. I was like a loud fart: attention grabbing, but generally harmless. John, however, was more like a quiet fart...silent but deadly.

The first incident occurred on an average day after school. I came home late because I was a part of a few after school organizations (had to boost that college application!) By the time I got home my sister was getting her babysit on, as Elizabeth and John were already at my house. I had to drop a deuce so I rushed to the bathroom on the first floor. Now, the door on this bathroom doesn't always fully close so you have to push hard sometimes, and you can jimmy the lock loose in some instances too. So here I am reading a magazine and minding my own business on the can when the door opens. I look up and lock eyes with John, who has this dumbfounded look on his face.

hurrr durrr

I mutter "Dude, not cool." and close the door. The door immediately swings open again. "Oh come on man!" I say a little louder and then shut the door. Once again, the door opens...and John has the exact same look on his face. At this point I just glare, shut the door and keep my foot against it. No way a 7 year old kid could strong arm my leg. Thankfully I was right...but he did attempt to open the door once more.

The second incident occurred under similar conditions (coming home late after school that is, not dropping a deuce.) Since I was pretty tired I decided to go upstairs to my room to take a nap. The door to my room doesn't have a lock, so I bet you can kind of see where this is going. Anyways, I close my door and pass out on my bed. I used to be a pretty deep sleeper, as it could take a bit to wake me up. I have a sleepwalking story that can back this up, but I digress.

You ever get the feeling that you're being watched? I think everyone has. Well, have you ever gotten the feeling that you were being watched, while in a dream? I HAVE. When I got that feeling I woke up. What did I wake up to?


hurr durr

My door was wide open, and John was staring at me while I was sleeping...2 feet from my face. Not making a noise or anything, just...looking. Creepy right? Little did I know, the penetrating stare of a 7 year old boy could wake me from my deep slumber...and traumatize me to no longer be a deep sleeper.

In hindsight, he probably looked up to me and wanted me to hang out with him because he didn't have an older brother. Something I can relate to....whoops!

But kids that age are still little monsters.


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