Monday, February 07, 2011

Da Fewchur

I just realized this is the longest I've gone without updating my blog...whoops! I've had a bit of a writer's block, mainly because I wrote a guest post on the TAF Blog

The past week has been hectic; Sydney's recent heatwave of 6 days over 30/86 degrees broke a 150 year old record, peaking at 41.5/106.7 degrees. It all came crashing down yesterday when it dropped to 21/70 degrees...totally random. Yesterday was also the Cole Classic, which I completed in near record

Not last! WOOOOO

What makes me sad is that in the 9-12 year old age group, some kids finished at around 15 minutes (go to the Olympics please)...10 minutes faster than me. What makes me even sadder is that the fastest person to finish a 2km swim did it at roughly 24 min 50 seconds...meaning they would have lapped me.

Let me tell you, ocean swimming is much harder than pool swimming for several reasons:
  1. Salt water tastes like ass
  2. Salt water tastes like ass
  3. When you run into the surf with 300 other dudes in Speedo's and are trying to make good time, you will get kicked/punched in the face by random limbs
  4. The currents make you swim further...pretty sure I swam 1400 meters because I normally finish 1km in less than 20 minutes.
  5. Salt water tastes like ass
That's besides the point though...I really want to thank everyone who helped me raise funds for Engineers Without Borders because we raised $858.33! Not bad, not bad...

I won't be updating this blog too much for the next several weeks or so...because epicness is afoot! Three of my good friends (Peter Kim, Min Yun, Samon Oum) will be landing in Sydney this weekend and staying for 8-10 days where we'll be snorkeling, canyoning, caving, abseiling, surfing, and getting into all sorts of trouble in and around Sydney...can't wait! The weekend after that I start my PADI Open Water certification if you're certified to scuba dive, holla at me so we can go on some RIDONKULOUS trips!

Feed some sharks in Fiji!

Swim with Beluga Whales!

Insert Steve Irwin joke here!

So I was watching the latest 30 Rock episode and Kenneth had a line that makes me wonder....

"Is she doing an expose on how feminism has led to a happiness crisis among educated women?"

Before I throw myself under the bus, let me clarify that I am all for equality...but by equality I mean men and women are equal in EVERY WAY. If the woman wants to pay for a date, go right ahead. If the woman wants to have a girl's night out, go right ahead. If the woman wants to put off marriage or raising children to focus on her career or life, go right ahead. If the woman doesn't want to be a housewife, I'm all for it. If the woman wants the guy to initiate everything during the courtship phase but then wants to be all independent women on your ass, then hold your can't pick and choose when you want traditional gender roles to exist! I call this misandry. That just gives guys all these mixed signals, and ends up hurting women in the end....especially if you're talking about the majority of guys aged 22-35. Commitment is generally not in our vocabulary, and these mixed signals do not help. At all.

Hello darling.

Since there are now more women in college than men and more women getting hired out of college than the breadwinner role going to flip in the future? There's nothing wrong with women being the breadwinner, who wouldn't want a sugar mama? But the fact of the matter is women are the only sex that can get pregnant, and once women hit 30 the risk of having a child with Down's syndrome is 1 in 1000 and 1 in 400 at 35.

That sucks! How do you establish a career, seriously date in an environment where most guys don't want to settle down, and have a baby or two if you want before 30 or 35? Women NEED to work too...because the rise of household income from the 70's - 00's wasn't because wages's because women joined the workforce. Since women joined the workforce, companies have also had more demand than supply...meaning they could lower overall wages. Without a two income household, many families would most likely be struggling to survive.

Happiness crisis? I don't tell me?


At February 8, 2011 at 3:59 PM , Blogger Amy said...

-congrats on the swim!
-don't get eaten by a crocodile!
-i don't think women are 'taking' jobs from men. maybe making the job market more competitive? and competition is good (to some degree) to sustain innovation/quality.
-dinks (double income no kids) is nice. but people could benefit from learning to live simply/within or below their means/not beyond or above their means.
-been thinking about happiness... esp thinking about the definition of health, since i am in health care. and, some argue we are too obsessed w/ happiness, so much that we over-medicate. a little blues are normal.
-just my two cents.


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