Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Best Week EVER

Last week I had my first visitors and it was the best week EVER!!! I pride myself on being a good host with anyone who spends their valuable time and money to visit me and I hope I delivered...

I started hyping this trip up way back in October to my bros and was lucky enough that three of them decided to come out. I went as far as to create a Sydney Packet and an itinerary. While we didn't follow the itinerary verbatim, but we pretty much accomplished everything set out in it. Their first impression was disappointment because I kept talking about how great the weather is here...and the few times it's cloudy/rainy was the first few days they arrived.

A recap of the week through pictures:

Hello Gap Bluff
Shanghai Dumplings
Sushi Roulette...Cheetah lost
Bronte to Bondi walk, with a model shoot in the background on a rock
Wagyu burgers
Fish Market food
Arisun KFC
Manly Beach
Karaage Curry and Ramen on the way
Pott's Point
Harry's Meat Pie's
Bondi Beach & boogieboarding
Curry and Naan
Abseiling training
Canyoning and Abseiling off a 100 foot waterfall
Ready to go
Pork Belly and wraps...
Abseiling into caves

The crew
I thought I found bacon but I was fooled...

We also went snorkeling and saw a huge Grouper fish at Clovelly Beach but we lost the pictures and video...

Needless to say we ate very well. So thanks Peter Kim, Sam Oum, and Min Yun for coming out! Hope ya'll had a blast and visit again in the future...or move....=D

Story of the week:

Min and I decided to go for a run Thursday morning from my apartment to the Sydney Opera House, through the Botanical Gardens to Woolloomoolloo and back to my apartment through Hyde Park. The night before Min had spicy ramen so it wasn't settling in too well when we were jogging. As we approached the Sydney Opera House and did the Rocky thing up the steps, Panda said to he had to go #2 really bad. We parted ways and he said he'd meet me back at my apartment. I get back to my apartment in about 15 minutes and Panda gets back about 15 minutes after that. He comes in and says his iPod is broken. When we ask why, he says that he had to go so bad that the force of him throwing his shorts down to the ground to sit on the toilet must have broke his iPod. Excellent.

I'll have a "deeper" post later...


At March 2, 2011 at 2:13 PM , Blogger Amy said...

so much food!
i had an australian patient today. i said "i have a friend who just moved to sydney and he thinks it's the greatest place in the world."
he simply responded with, "it is."
it's amazing after living in philly for 20 years he still has an accent. i, on the other hand, pick up the local lingo wherever i go.
my comments on your blog are ridiculously long. but only because your posts are ridiculously long.

At March 2, 2011 at 2:59 PM , Blogger Howard said...

that patient of yours sounds like a cool cat.

what kind of lingo do they have in philly?


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