Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Year in Review

With 2011 fast approaching, it's time for a summary of my personal experiences in 2010!

2010 has probably been the most successful year of my life in terms of personal achievement. I can only hope that I continue my string of success in the near and long future. Here's a month by month breakdown of things I've accomplished of great significance to me.

January 2010: Filmed the Taiwanese American Census 2010 Public Service Announcement. As a member of Slideshow Pictures, I was a co-producer, co-writer, and actor.

Slideshow Pictures

February 2010: Entourage II reunion in Boston.

James, Chia, Michael, Ghost Michael, Vincent

March 2010: Public release of the Taiwanese American Census 2010 PSA, interview with TVBS, speaker at Midwest ITASA in Austin, Texas.

We hit the #1 video in YouTube under non-profit/activism and most discussed in America.We also were #1 in Taiwan, Korea, Canada, Japan, and Australia.

April 2010: Co-writer for Asian American San Diego Film Festival Register To Vote PSA, MSU Lambda Phi Epsilon reunion...FIRST ONE EVER...in 8 years.


Starring Bart Kwan from Just Kidding Films and Ivan Shaw...who can be seen in Get Him to the Greek.

Old fogeys

May-June 2010: Took a trip abroad with TAFers to my current area of residence, and saw many beautiful natural wonders of the world on the way and finally went scuba diving, white water rafting, and bungee jumping. Created the pose that started it all...

Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef

Milford Sound

I'm on a boat

 July 2010: Showed UIUC TAFers DC (I think I know more UIUC people than MSU people now,) reunion with my best friends growing up (KoWC), impacted Taiwanese American youth (positively I hope) and reaching Conrad status at TAF.

Jester Chen, King George, Lord Baron, Prince Allen

JH represent

 August 2010: Sold all my stuff (thank you Eric Wang,) quit my job at Dell, and spent the last two weeks in NYC and Taiwan.

Goodbye, battlestation (no joke, this was my cube)

The last picture I took in DC...I will frame it. (Jeanette Lee)

Goodbye New York

My nephew...he's gonna be a star. Seriously, he has a YouTube account.

September 2010: Cruised through as much of Japan as I could, and landed in Australia.


My life in 4 bags

October 2010: Landed a job that sponsors...with a 35% raise to boot!!!

Best company...EVER

November 2010: Grew out a mustache for the whole month (something I swear I will never repeat.)


December 2010: Moved into my new place and finally settled into Australia, went to Ayers Rock, and most importantly...WON THE TAF FANTASY LEAGUE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 12 YEARS!!!! I also won the inaugural TAF Auction League so TWO FANTASY CHAMPIONSHIPS IN ONE YEAR!!! Beat out two of my very good friends...thanks Vince...for reminding me...and for losing to me =D. I still have Michael Vick tomorrow!
All in all, a pretty damn good year.

Happy New Year everyone, and all the best!


At December 29, 2010 at 12:17 PM , Blogger Lillie said...

cheers to that!

At January 3, 2011 at 4:24 PM , Blogger Amy said...

was away from blog world for a bit, now i'm back to work.
keep up w/ the updates!


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