Thursday, December 23, 2010

Remember the Time

After 3 months in Australia, I think I've finally settled in...

Living room is almost completed

Bedroom is almost completed

Entertainment is missing a few items

Job? Check.
Own apartment? Check.
More material possessions? Check.
In good company of friends and family? Work in progress...

Before I moved I read several ex-pat blogs that made me well aware that at some point, I would hit a huge wall. I dub this wall "The Great Wall of Nostalgia." I just didn't expect it to hit so soon...but I suppose with it being the holidays, it's hard not to think and reminisce about the life I had back in America.

In America, I was accustomed to hopping on a plane and visiting friends in a random city every month. I was also actively involved in several organizations. It's been so long since I've done anything similar to this that there's a void I need to fill that I've yet to discover. To wit, here's a list of places that I've been to visit friends or family this year...

January: Atlanta and Los Angeles
February: New York City and Boston
March: Chicago and Austin
April: Chicago
May: Los Angeles, Cairns and Sydney
June: Auckland, Queenstown, and Los Angeles
July: New York City, Chattanooga, Ann Arbor, and North Manchester
August: New York City, Taipei, and Tainan
September: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka
October: Nothing
November: Nothing
December: Nothing

I don't really have a reason to complain; I made a conscious decision to move here and I don't regret it one bit...but DAMN do I miss my friends and family back in America! Talking online, video chat, and phone conversations are decent substitutes...but it's not the same as buying a last second plane/bus ticket and showing up at your friend's door a few hours later with a bag and goofy smile on your face. Knowing that the weekend ahead will be filled with memories before taking the red-eye back to DC and going straight to work is quite the experience. I miss that the most. I also miss things like DC Metro delays (no joke), conversations with friends into the morning, the vibe of NYC (due to watching a lot of HIMYM and a string of NYC based movies recently), and red party cups.

August 2010...surprise visit in NYC

January 2010...after our Taiwanese Census PSA shoot in LA

NYE 2010 in Chicago

August 2009...Charlene Yi in DC

September 2009 in Paris

July 2009....Entourage

March 2009...hipsters in SF

It's funny because though I know I should be completely gung-ho about meeting new people, making new memories and start living in the present, instead I've been having the meanest introverted streak ever. I can't explain it because come on, I'm in a new country and based on the Meyers-Brigg Typology Test I'm an ENTJ...but this ridiculous streak makes me think otherwise. I think I'll have to pin this on missing my family and friends due to the holiday season...

Last year for Thanksgiving, my family visited me in DC. Last year for Christmas I went home to Ann Arbor and spent it with my family. Last year for New Year's Eve I spent it in company of great friends in Chicago.

This year?

I spent Thanksgiving working, and ate at Nando's in place of a turkey dinner. For Christmas I originally had no plans since:

A) I have no immediate family nearby
B) Friends I've made will be spending it with their family

and since I have Monday and Tuesday off I decided to go with Option impulsive trip to see the biggest icon in Australia, Uluru...otherwise known as Ayer's Rock. Though I'm going solo and not visiting any friends, I think this will help ease the void because I'll get to do some traveling...and man I miss traveling. For New Year's Eve I'll be at Bondi Beach with friends watching David Guetta kick off 2011. Here's to hoping for good times ahead.


New Country.
New Job.
New Year.
New Life.


At December 24, 2010 at 1:48 AM , Blogger MY said...

nice photos. hipster photoshoot 2009 was the most ridiculous photoshoot ever

At December 24, 2010 at 4:34 AM , Blogger Jinny said...

Drink lots of fluids on your trek. We don't want to hear that you had to put some Bear Gryllis skills to work. So what's different about the holiday decorations down under since it's hot out?


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