Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving will soon be upon the residents of America, and I will be celebrating it with a feast from KFC.

This is the closest I can get to Thanksgiving!!!

Why KFC?

Sadly it's the closest meal I can get to Thanksgiving, because Australians don't celebrate Thanksgiving! You'd be surprised if you knew how many friends of mine asked what Australians are doing for Thanksgiving...*facepalm* Yes, Pilgrims and Indians used to hang out in Australia way back in the day...but yeah it's disappointing that they don't. They eat turkey for Christmas though...and say Happy Christmas. Strange...

But seriously, who doesn't like some turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole, yams, coleslaw, biscuits, buttered corn, and more! *Drooooool* Or if you do it Asian style, you get rice, stewed chicken, turkey Asian style, braised beef, spinach, random veggies and whatever else...

"We celebrate Christmas by the beach." -Building display quote

It's starting to hit me that my holiday season is going to be forever changed from now on:

No more Thanksgiving, no Black Friday, semi-Cyber Monday, SUMMER WEATHER (this is the most mind blowing part), and Christmas with no family for the next few years. My last Thanksgiving for the near future will be the one I had with my family when they visited me in DC last year, and my last Christmas in America will be when I went back home to Michigan last year. Not going to lie, I miss my family and I miss all my friends back in America...normally I would say home, but Sydney is my home now.

Too early for Christmas decorations...

This move is a permanent move, not an experiment to "find myself." I fully intend on living here through my prime and then some, and aiding my sister and parents to emigrate here from America. I don't think I will be going back to America much, pending any special circumstances or emergencies. I already have a rough schedule planned out for my vacations for the next 4 years...


July 2011 - Spain/Egypt/Turkey for 2.5 weeks (Running of the Bulls, Pyramids, Tombs, Red Sea Diving, Istanbul)

Snow. Hooray.

October 2011 - America for 1.5 weeks (Weddings, catch up with friends)

The most baller gesture ever.

August 2012 - A month through India/Thailand/Cambodia (Taj Mahal, Full Moon Festival, Riding elephants, beaches, scuba diving, Angkor Wat, deactivating land mines)

Go deep.

March 2013 -  Belize/Peru/Bolivia for two weeks (Blue Hole diving, Machu Picchu/Salt flats)

Planet Earth, eat your heart out.

September 2013 - South Africa/Kenya/Zambia for two weeks (Cape Town, Durban, Victoria Falls, African Safari/Wildebeast migration)

Can you say AWESOME?

June/July 2014 - A month through Brazil/Argentina/Chile (WORLD CUP/Iguazu Falls, Amazon/Patagonia)

Anyways, these are all pipe dreams at the moment that I plan making a reality...if I can move to Australia I can surely take these ambitious vacations...(if anyone wants to join me, holla)

Happy Thanksgiving America!
Mom, Dad, Cindy...I miss you.

Happy Founders Day. Miss you guys.

TAFLove forever. Miss all of you too.


At November 25, 2010 at 5:10 AM , Blogger MY said...

you forgot about a trip to the desert in january 2010


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