Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Secret

"Hey Howard, do you have a minute? I have good news!"
"Yes, of course!"

*Heart palpitates, palms get sweaty, mouth waters*

"So I just spoke with Gerard and they're going to offer you a permanent position, with a 3 month probationary period! How does that sound? You'll be here for the next 4 years!"
"That is absolutely AMAZING! Thank you Rory, thank you SO much!"
"No worries, Howard. Does $80k plus 9% superannuation sound good to you?"
"Yes, I am completely fine with that."
"Well alright then. I just need to check your references and we'll get a formal offer to you Friday."
"Thanks again, Rory."
"Enjoy your day, Howard!" 

*Rubs eyes, brain explodes*

I'm conflicted.

I don't know which pic encapsulates how I feel so I'll display them all.




I can't believe I did it.

In the 28 days I've been in Australia, I've managed to secure a job I believe I'll enjoy and thrive in, and at a really good rate of pay. It blows my mind I was able to do this in such a short time, in a brand new country. For those that don't think it's possible to follow any dreams or desires you have, take a leap of faith! Or in my case, use "The Secret."

WARNING: What I am about to write is based on my personal experiences, and you do not have to heed this advice. But at the risk of sounding like an infomercial, I believe this really works.

For those unaware, "The Secret" is a self-help film and book that promotes positive thinking and goal-setting. In a nutshell, you should envision what you want to do, where you want to go, who you want to be, and it will happen. That's not to say if you just think something, it will happen. What it does is put you in the mindset of looking for opportunities, thinking creatively, and doing whatever it takes to achieve this vision of yours.

For example, say you want to lose 15 pounds. First, you'd picture yourself when you were 15 pounds lighter. You'd picture how you felt being that weight again, what you could do, how it affected your life, and then you'd think of what steps you'd need to take to achieve this feeling again. You might start looking up articles on how to diet and exercise online, then you might sign up at a gym, and then you might get a personal trainer. After that, you might buy a calendar to set a target date, then you might ask your friends who have lost weight for tips, then you might seek out a workout buddy, and then you might put a picture of yourself when you were 15 pounds lighter on your mirror to remind yourself of this goal, to not let up. As each day passes you might continually envision what it feels like being 15 pounds lighter, and you might notice you have a bit more energy due to your eating and exercise habits. Soon enough, you hit your target date and lo and behold, you're 15 pounds lighter!

From this to THIS

I know a lot of this sounds like common sense, but you'd be surprised how many people don't follow through or are just all talk. "The Secret" is a tool to use as a reminder to never give up and keep your eyes on the prize. It's not really much of a secret since it's kind of obvious.

In my case, I've used "The Secret" on two separate occasions.

The first time I used it was when I decided to move to Washington, DC the summer of 2007. I was living at home and working in Ann Arbor since September 2006. Being young, single, and adventurous I really wanted to move out of the state where I spent the majority of my life. I debated a bit between the east coast and west coast, but my friend Peter Yang convinced me to move to DC so we could be roommates. At the time, I was making $35k and really wanted a pay raise, and the best way to get one is to switch jobs to a more competitive market.

(I've never really understood why some people consider sharing your salary with others is taboo; it gives companies power over their employees if they don't share, and if someone is going judge you based on how much you earn they are not worth your time.)

With that, I put up this picture in my room in May 2007:

That summer I woke up to that picture everyday and all I could think about was moving to DC. I set a hard date that I would move with or without a job. I scoured job search engines, craigslist, and asked friends if they knew anyone hiring. I applied to jobs over and over again. I spent weeks tweaking my resume and cover letter to make sure I put my best foot forward. When it got to August, I still had no job, but I was determined as ever to move even without one. Two weeks into August, I got a call from a job I applied through craigslist. I had a brief phone interview and then they offered to fly me into DC for a face to face. I did as much research as I could on the company and flew in and had such a successful interview they offered me a job at the end of it. The offer was for $46,000 with a $2,000 signing bonus. I couldn't believe it, it was almost September and I was THIS close to hitting my goal of $50,000, but I had a job in hand.

The second time I used "The Secret" was this past summer after I came back from my trip to Australia & New Zealand. I made up my mind that I would move to Sydney no matter what at the end of my lease, job or no job. The funny thing was I was in the middle of a salary raise from $58k to $65k, and I really enjoyed my job in DC. I would have loved to continue working there but my heart was in Sydney.

With that, I put this picture up in my studio in June 2010:

Similar story as before, as I did the same. The only exceptions were tying up loose ends in America and getting insurance and my visa in order for Australia.

I moved to Sydney in September 2010. It's one week into October and I have an offer for $80k.  

"The Secret" has worked once again.

You can say I've been lucky, but the saying still stands that luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

End infomercial.


At October 7, 2010 at 3:03 AM , Blogger ByBettz said...

Congratulations! WOW Australia!!

At October 7, 2010 at 2:13 PM , Blogger Amy said...

that book is in the bathroom at my parents' house. hehe. i've never read it. but now i don't have to. thanks for the summary!


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