Friday, October 29, 2010

Melbourne Identity

Random fun facts: Australia does not censor profanity on the radio, nor do they censor nudity in newspapers.

Do you ever feel like a fraud?

Like who you are and represent is completely way off base from what people perceive about you?

For example, when people call you an "expert" in something, do you think "Haha WTF! Hell no! No way!"

A really cool company.

I started my new (and awesome) job last week, and MAN, did they throw me in the deep end! I don't know if that's how they do it here in Australia, if that's how this company works, or if this company expects a lot out of me, but MAN I've been on panic mode the past two weeks.

For example, at my first day on the job there wasn't much of an orientation. The nice lady hadn't yet printed out all the forms for orientation, my phone was still charging (and still hasn't been setup for e-mail), I had no tax forms to fill out (the CFO was out last week on vacation) and I didn't have all the proper permissions setup on my account to access the files I needed. My manager was out on a business trip so I didn't do much the first day at all. On the second day, I started getting support calls. I wasn't briefed on the proper procedure on how to handle calls, log data, query or escalate issues, and a lot of my co-workers are out of the office at other client sites. I was then told I was going to Melbourne for a client install in one week. Wait, WHAT?!?!

When I heard this, I had this dumb look on my face:

Sitting around, looking like an asshole.
You have to understand, I haven't worked in over two months, I wasn't briefed on workplace procedures or protocol, and I've only ever done ONE install of this product. Now I'm doing it all on my own?!? Feed me to the lions why don't you...But in hindsight, this was actually a really good opportunity to test my abilities and see how I handle things on the fly, and I think I did pretty well. However, at the time I was crapping my pants. It's really made me question whether I oversold myself, whether they overestimated my abilities, or if they're just supremely confident in my abilities. The latter would be kind of cool. But if any of my co-workers are reading this I'M REALLY GOOD, TRUST ME!!!

I still don't know if this is how they do it in Australia or if it's the company. I can't really complain though because the company is really chill. My guess is they just give you a lot of autonomy here, and if you want to succeed it's all on your shoulders and they won't hold your hand. If you want to do something or find out information, you have to do it yourself instead of waiting around to be shown how to do it.

I mean, I spent 3 days in Melbourne, and since I finished the install in 1.5 days I spent the other 1.5 days exploring Melbourne...and it was all paid for. If any of my co-workers are reading this JUST KIDDING!

In any case, when a co-worker or client asks me if I'm an expert at the product, I just respond with:

"You could say that."



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